Our purpose here at Wolf Creek Haven is to provide a safe sacred space that allows for purification, transformation and deep healing. A reconnection to Nature and All There Is.
Ceremony and Nature offer you a time of renewal and reflection. Full moons are a time of celebrating and releasing. It is a time to celebrate your completions, letting go of unhealthy behavior and patterns we’ve created. Experience the beauty and strength of honoring oneself.
Getting in touch with Nature and Mother Earth is the best way to deepen your spiritual connection. By balancing the male and female energies within ourselves we create a life of harmony with everything around us. From this place of balance we live in joy, love and peace.
How to get the most benefit from attending a Sweat Lodge:
  • Ask yourself why you are attending this lodge?
  • What are your goals for this day?
  • Set strong intentions, speak with your guides, teachers, animal totems ask them to be present to assist you as you heal and purify your Body, Mind and Spirit..
  • Come with an open heart, leave judgments and expectations at home.
Benefits of Participating in a Sweat Lodge
  • Connect with nature, the four elements and your ancestors from the four directions
  • Gain new insights
  • Honoring the powers and energies of Spirit through ceremony you leave the womb of Mother Earth a new person leaving behind that which no longer serves you ,
  • Meet some truly wonderful enlightened souls.
There is no charge for our sweat lodges. Love offerings are greatly appreciated. A lot of energy is put into preparing this space for people to have the sacred and powerful experiences that they have.
“The sweat lodge is the ultimate purification of Body, Mind and Spirit. Upon entering the heat and blackness of the lodge, you are entering a void, free of all outside distractions. The mind focuses on spiritual things, the body and emotions relax in the steam, and the spirit soars free. It is in the lodge that we enter the domain of Spirit, to purify our bodies and we learn to touch the earth and swell in the Great Spirits love.”
Quote by : Tom Brown Jr.
Go for a mindful walk in Nature. Seek nothing but the awareness of the beauty around you, and allow that beauty to bring forth the wisdom in your heart.
Spirit 2003
All My Relations
Shelter Rental
Rent our shelter for a couple of hours or even for the day. We can accomodate family reunions, weddings, parties, church groups, and scout groups. You will surely enjoy our secluded and private grounds. Call (276) 251-7627 to schedule your event.